One day a foolish guy called suppandi went a new town where he had never been there before. as soon as he reached the town he came a croos two men fighting. They were fighting about wheather the sun comes out during the day or the night. its actually day and it is the sun but on eof the guys kept insistuiing that it was indeed the moon that he saw. it so happens that suppandi came across the two men and by doing so the men stopped and asked suppandi for what he thinks whether it is the sun or the moon that the were fighting. suppandi's reply for this question that he was new this part of the country and he had no idea whaether it is the sun or the moon coz he had never seen anything like it before coz he was new to this part of the country. hehehheehheheheheheheheeheheehhehehehehehehehehehehehheehheheheheheheheheheheheheheh isnt this the funniest joke no one ever gave in a joke like this it is i puffdaddy the funniest hahahahahahaha

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