"Ribbons for snoring" joke

Ribbons for Snoring
A woman walks into a restaraunt to have lunch with an old friend of hers. When she sees her old friend she is looking very tired and pale. She asks her friend what the problem is and she says that she isnt getting any sleep due to her husbands snoring at night. She says, "oh i know a good remedy for that, all you have to do is when he starts to snore, find a blue ribbon and tie it around his privates." Her friend then agrees to try it out that night.
That night she wakes up to her husbands snoring and decides to try her friends method of curing it. So she goes into her closet and finds a blue ribbon and proceeds to tie it around his privates. Her husband immediately stops snoring and she says this is wonderful and then dozes off to sleep. About an hour later she wakes up to snoring again, looks over at her husband and hes not snoring and then looks to the floor and sees that the dog is snoring. So she decides to try the method on the dog. She goes into the closet but can only find a red ribbon. So she ties it around the dogs privates and the dog stops snoring.
About and hour later the husband gets up to go to the restroom and naturally the dog follows him. He looks down and sees a blue ribbon, and then looks at the dog and sees a red ribbon, and he says, "Rover i dont know where we've been or what we've been doin but we won first and second prize!"

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