"Pussy Green (adult)" joke

A priest was hearing confessions one afternoon when a man entered and confessed: "Bless me, Father for I have sinned. I slept with Pussy Green."
The priest gave him absolution and told him his pennance and the man went away. The next man entered the confessional and said: "Bless me father for I have sinned, I slept with Pussy Green."
The priest thought about this coincidence, dismissed it, and gave the man his absolution and pennance.
However, over the course of the afternoon, 10 men confessed to sleeping with Pussy Green. This was very perplexing to the priest. As he was closing up the church later in the afternoon with the help of an alter boy, the priest noticed a woman walking down the church isle.
This woman was all decked out in green - green hat, green boots, green dress, green hand-bag.
The priest turned and asked to alterboy, "Is that Pussy Green?"
The alterboy looked and replied, "I don't think so, Father, I think it is just a reflection off her boots."

A man was about to die, so he went to a black magic store to get a voodoo dick. The man at the store said, "It works. Anything you tell it to go to, it goes. So your wife can just say, 'Voodoo dick, my pussy.'"
The man buys it and gives it to his wife. She says, more...

A sailor had been on his ship for months. When he finally docked the only thing he could think of was getting laid. So off he goes to find a bordello. When he finally found one he stopped, before going in to see how much money he had. To his dismay he only found five dollars in more...

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