"Pharmacy/penguin" joke

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A penguin walked into a pharmacy and asked for some fish. The pharmacist explained that being a pharmacy they did not sell fish. The pharmasist said there was a shop down the road that sold fish. 15 minuets later the penguin came back and asked for some fish. The pharmacist said that if he came back again that she would nail his beak to the counter. Then the penguin asked if they had any nails. The pharmacist said "no". "Well in that case, have you got any fish!

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman went on a mountain-climbing expedition together. Everything was going fine until one day, while they were walking along a narrow ledge, an avalanche ripped away the ledge on each side of them.
As they stood there wondering what to more...

"It`s good to see so many friends here in the Rose Garden. This is our first event in this beautiful spot, and it`s appropriate we talk about policy that will affect people`s lives in a positive way in such a beautiful, beautiful part of our national - really, our national more...

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