"Not So Farve-Fetched" joke

The political world was thrown into a frenzy today when Brett Favre announced that he's not only considering retiring from football but also considering running for President in 2008.

With his dramatic announcement, Favre becomes the only political candidate to be considering two plans for the future at the same time.

"This is just the kind of multi-tasking Americans expect from their next President," gushed political commentator James Carville on ABC's Meet the Press.

Favre emphasized that he wanted to make a decision in time for Democrats to draft another candidate in the event he decided not to run. "Which means y'all will know my plans sometime around late September in 2008," said Favre.

The Green Bay quarterback defended his decision to consider his decision to retire noting that he felt he still could perform at the professional level despite his advanced age and deteriorating skills and added, "Just like John Kerry."

Favre's stunning announcement leaves Danny Wright of Greenfield, Indiana as the only person in the country not considering a run at the Democratic nomination.

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