"Nelson Mandela. (adultish language)" joke

Nelson Mandela is at home watching the box, when there is a knock at his door. He gets up and answers it, there is a Chinese bloke with clipboard, behind him is a lorry full of exhaust pipes.
"You sign, you sign" yells the Chinese geezer. Nelson looks at the truck and tells the Chinese bloke that he has a got the wrong bloke.
Next day Nelson is watching a porno film when there is a knock on his door. It's the same Chinese bloke and behind him is truck full of brake parts.
"You Sign, You Sign" screams the Chinese bloke and pushes the clipboard under Nelson's nose.
"Look you Twat" snarls Nelson "You've got the wrong bloke. I don't want brake parts, you've got the wrong bloke now FUCK OFF".
Next day Nelson is sitting in the chair reading Penthouse, when there is a knock on the door. It's the Chinese bloke again, behind him are two trucks filled with engine parts. The Chinese bloke screams at Nelson "You sign, you sign".
Well that's it Nelson loses his wig and picks the Chinese bloke up by his shirt and yells "You've got the wrong bloke, if you disturb me again I'll fucking chin yer. I don't want these car parts. YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG BLOKE!!!".
The Chinese bloke looks at his clipboard and says "You not Nissan Maindealer?"

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