"Here are real opcodes" joke

Real opcodesAAC Alter All Commands AAD Alter All Data AAO Add And Overflow AAR Alter At Random AB Add Backwards ABC AlphaBetize Code ABR Add Beyond Range ACC Advance CPU Clock ACDC Allow Controller to Delete Contents ACDP Allow Controller to Die Peacefully ACQT Advance Clock to Quitting Time ADB Another Dumb Bug AEE Absolve Engineering Errors AFF Add Fudge Factor AFHB Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary AFP Abnormalize Floating Point AFR Abort Funny Routine AFVC Add Finagle`s Variable Constant AGB Add GarBage AGWA Add and Get Wrong Answer AI Add Improper AIB Attack Innocent Bystander AIB Attack Innocent Bystanders AISG Access and Improve Student Grade AMM Add Mayo and Mustard AMM Answer My Mail AMS Add Memory to System ANC ANnoy Consultant AOI Annoy Operator Immediate AR Advance Rudely AR Alter Reality ARN Add and Reset to Non-zero ARN Add and Reset to Nonzero ARZ Add and Reset to Zero AS Add Sideways ASQGSA ASCII Stupid Question, Get a Stupid ANSI AT Accumulate Trivia AWP Argue With Programmer AWTT Assemble With Tinker Toys BA Branch Anywhere BAC Branch to Alpha Centauri BAD Branch And Die BAD Branch to Auto Destruct BAF Blow All Fuses BAH Branch And Hang BALC Branch And Link Cheeseburger BAP Branch And Punt BAW Bells And Whistles BB Branch on Bug BBBB Byte Baudy Bit and Branch BBBF Branch on Bit Bucket Full BBD Branch on Bastille Day BBI Branch on Burned-out Indicator BBIL Branch on Burned-out Indicator Light BBLB Branch on Blinking Light Bulb BBT Branch on Binary Tree BBW Branch Both Ways BCB Burp and Clear Bytes BCF Branch on Chip box Full BCIL Branch Creating Infinite Loop BCR Backspace Card Reader BCS Branch and Crash System BCU Be Cruel and Unusual BD Backspace Disk BD Branch to Data BDC Break Down and Cry BDI Branch to Data Indirect BDM Branch and Disconnect Memory BDT Burn Data Tree BDU Branch on Dense User BE Branch Everywhere BEW Branch Either Way BF Belch Fire BF Blow Fuse BF Branch Forever BFD Branch on Full Disk BFF Branch and Form Feed BFM Be Fruitful and Multiply BH Branch and Hang BIR Branch Inside Ranch BIRM Branch on Index Register Missing BLC Branch and Loop Continuous BLI Branch and Loop Infinite BLM Branch, Like, Maybe BLMWM Branch, Like, Maybe, Wow, Man BLP Boot from Line Printer BLR Branch and Lose Return BLSH Buy Low, Sell High BLT Break Little Thing BM Branch Maybe BMI Blow up Memory Immediate BMI Branch on Missing Index BMI Branch to Muncee Immediate BMP Branch and Make Popcorn BMR Branch Multiple Registers BMUS Beam Me Up, Scotty BNA Branch to Nonexistant Address BNCB Branch and Never Come Back BNL Become a Neo-Luddite BNR Branch for No Reason BOB Branch On Bug BOD Beat On Disk BOD Branch on Operator Desperate BOH Branch On Humidity BOH Branch on Operator High BOHP Bribe Operator for Higher Priority BOI Byte Operator Immediately BOP Boot OPerator BOT Branch On Tree BPB Branch on Program Bug BPDI Be Polite, Don`t Interrupt BPIM Bury Programmer In Manuals BPL Branch PLease BPM Become a Psych Major BPO Branch on Power Off BPO Branch on Power On BPP Branch and Pull the Plug BR Byte and Run BRA Branch to Random Address BRB BRanch on Beaver BRH BRanch and Hang BRI BRanch Indefinitely BRL BRanch and Leak BRO BRanch and Overheat BRO BRanch to Oblivion BS Behave Strangely BSC Branch on Second Coming BSC Burst Selector Channel BSD BackSpace Disk BSI Back up Sewer Immediate BSI Backup Sewer Immediately BSM Branch and Scramble Memory BSO Branch on Sleepy Operator BSP BackSpace Punch BSR Branch and Stomp Registers BSS Branch on SunSpot BSST BackSpace and Stretch Tape BTD Branch on Time of Day BTD Byte The Dust BTI Blow Trumpet Immediately BTJ Branch and Turn Japanese BTO Branch To Oblivion BTW Branch on Third Wednesday BU Branch Unexpectedly BUTI Blow Up Terminal Immediately BVS Branch and Veer South BW Branch on Whim BWC Branch When Convenient BWF Busy, Wait Forever BWOP BeWilder OPerator BYDS Beware Your Dark Side BYTE BYte TEst CAC Calling All Cars CAC Cash And Carry CAF Convert ASCII to Farsii CAI Corrupt Accounting Information CAIL Crash After I Leave CAR Cancel Accounts Receivable CAT Confused And Tired CB Consult Bozo CBA Compare and Branch Anyway CBBR Crash and Blow Boot Read-only memory CBNC Close, But No Cigar CBS Clobber BootStrap CC Call Calvery CC Compliment Core CCB Chocolate Chip Byte-mode CCB Consult Crystal Ball CCC Crash if Carry Clear CCCP Conditionally Corrupt Current Process CCD Choke Cough and Die CCD Clear Core and Dump CCR Change Channels at Random CCS Chinese Character Set CCWR Change Color of Write Ring CD Complement Disk CDC Clear Disk and Crash CDC Close Disk Cover CDIOOAZ Calm Down, It`s Only Ones And Zeroes CDS Change Disk Speed CEMU Close Eyes and Monkey with User space CEX Call EXterminator CF Come From [replaces goto] CFE Call Field Engineer CFP Change and Forget Password CFS Corrupt File Structure CG Convert to Garbage CH Create Havoc CHCJ Compare Haig to Christine Jorgensen CHPAMR CHase Pointers Around Machine Room CHSE Compare Half-words and Swap if Equal CIB Change Important Byte CIC Cash In Chips CID Compare and Ignore Data CIMM Create I

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