"H2o" joke

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Teacher: Paul, What Is The Chemical Formula Of Water?
Paul: H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O
Teacher: What Is This?
Paul: Well!! You Said It Is H2o.

1/2 grapefruit
1 piece whole wheat toast
8 oz. skim milk
4 oz. lean broiled chicken
1 cup steamed zucchini
1 Oreo cookie
Herb Tea
Mid-Afternoon Snack
Rest of package of Oreo cookies
1 quart Rocky Road Ice Cream
1 more...

Donna arrived home from work early one day and found her husband, Glen, in bed with another woman. "That's it!" she shouted, "I'm leaving and I'm not coming back!" "Wait honey," Glen pleaded, "Can't you at least let me explain?" more...

On his first date with a beautiful woman, Joe decided to impress her with his knowledge of wine. He told the wine steward to bring a bottle of 1985 Sterling Chabernet Sauvignon from the Carneros District.
Upon tasting the wine, Joe berated the steward, "No, no, this is more...

The Cajuns heard that Saddam Hussein was going to help Osama bin Laden and they decided This is WAR!!
Saddam Hussein was sitting in his bunker when his telephone rang.
"Hallo! Mr. Hussein," a heavily accented voice said.
"This is Boudreaux down at the more...

An American man, a Russian man, and an African man were all up in a hot-air balloon together. After a few minutes, the Russian man put his hand down through the clouds. "Aaah!" he said. "We're right over my homeland."

"How can you tell?" more...

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