"Ghoust" joke

on day santa clause, the toothfaire, and the easter bunny walked up to ahotel to rent a room. the lady at the counter said the only room they had left was the honted house room, and santa clause says "any room will do thank you" and when they got to the room santa clause went to the bathroom while the toothfarie and the easter bunny put there bags up well when they started to open the closet door the closet said "im the ghoust from beanie whenie you open this closet ill chop off your whenie.well when santa clause came out of the bathroom he seen the bags lieing and the floor and went to put them in the closet well when he went to open the closet it said"im the ghoust from beanie whenie you open that closet ill chop off your whenie" santa clause said" im the ghoust from christmas pass you come out that closet ill kick your ass.

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me:nice, but hard to read due to lack of punctuation, and spelling.
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