"Gay bar" joke

there was a man walking home from a party with his buddies and he looks at them and says man im so thirsty i have to go get a drink, the guys say ya thats cool we will meet up later. So the guy walks around looking for the closest bar he could find and without even looking at the name he walks right in. When he gets inside he saw nothing but girls that looked like guys and guys that acted liked girls...but he didnt care he just wanted a drink. So he walked up to the bartender and said hey i need a bud light. the bartender looked at him and said whats your name? the man said John so the bartender said nope sorry man i cant serve you. John got all heated and said well why not and the bartender said cus you dont have a name then john said but i gave you my name...its john the bartender said no sir im sorry i still cant serve you. so john looks to his left and then to his right and taps the guy to his left on the shoulder. he said hey man whats your name? and the man on the right said snickers then john looked confused and turned to the guy on his right and asked hey man whats your name? and the man replied rolex then he looked to the bartender with a confused look and turned back to the guy on his left and asked ok so why is your name snickers? and the man said because im chocolate with nuts. then he turned to the guy on his right and asked ok so why is your name rolex? and the man said because im the best and only made for the rich then the man looks at the bartender this time with a smile on his face and says bartender get me a bud light so the bartender asks ok, what is your name? and the man replies secret the bartender says why is it a secret and he says no my name isnt a secret it is secret so the bartender slides him a beer and asks ok so why secret then john replies cus im strong enough for a man but made for a woman!

A little koala bear wanders into a whorehouse. He climbs the stairs and finds a door open. He goes in to the room to find a naked prostitute asleep on the bed. He quickly climbs into the bed and begins performing oral sex on the prostitute.
She wakes up and decides that more...

2 guys are sitting at a bar after a hard days work and start talking about their wives.
1st guy: "You know what, my wife is an angel."
2nd guy: "Gee, you sure are lucky, my wife is still alive!"

Substitute below for the place of origin of any ethnic
group not locally renowned for high intelligence.
A man walks up to a New Zealand sheep farmer and says, "If I can tell
you exactly how many sheep you have down there, can I keep one?"
The farmer more...

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