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q. What’s the gallbladder’s favorite band?
a. The Rolling Stones.

If electricity comes from electrons, does that mean that morality comes from morons?

A seaman meets a pirate in a bar, and talk turns to their adventures on the sea. The seaman notes that the pirate has a peg-leg, a hook, and an eye patch.The seaman asks, "So, how did you end up with the peg-leg?" The pirate replies, "We were in a storm at sea, more...

Life is like a cactus.
Around every corner there's another prick.

Two Thieves Are Robbing A Bank. It Is A Very High Building And They Are On The 13th Floor. They Hear The Police. One Thief Says
To The Other,'Lets Jump Off The Side Of The Building.' Second Thief,' Are U Mad. We Are On The 13th Floor!' First Thief:'This
Is No Time To more...

A couple of hunters are out in the woods when one of them falls to the ground. He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. The other guy whips out his cell phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps to the operator: “My friend is dead! What can more...

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