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Shahrukh: The guy, if not for the directors direction, would never
comb his hair. No wonder half of the desis are Shahrukh look alike.
Jokes aside, he is one of the top actor in Bollywood, if not the
best. Has the hair, argument on the looks, yea he can act and
overact, and I guess he can dance when the steps aren't too hard.. hehe.
But Shah Rukh Khan at his start wasn't as great as Hrithik is right
now (at his start). He looks good because he dresses good (doesn't
take much, just throw a GAP sweater on your back, some hair spray
and play a violin). After Amitabh and his memorable scenes with
Bollywood Mothers (Nirupa Roi to name one), Shahrukh is probably
the second best when it comes to getting emotional on the screen
with his touching acting,.... especially with his movie mothers.....
Tum sun rahi ho na maaa. .. Maan dekho main aa gaya maaa....... Tum
kuch kahti kyon nahi mum mum mum maaaaa........ from Baaziger.
From Karan Arjun with Rakhi, to Duplicate's Farida Jalal, to
K3G's Jaya Bhadhuri, Shahrukh has proved to be one good son and
a great lover, and a great yaada yaada yaada.

Teacher: Tum Jhoot Bole Rahe Ho, Kal Rat 2 Baje Light Nahin Thi Tho Tum Kaise Study Kar Sakte Ho Raju Sir Study Me Itna Kho Gaya Tha Ki Pata Nahin Chala Ki Light Kab Gai.

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