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Once Raghu went to a clohtes shop: Raghu: May I try the red shirt in the window outside? Shopkeeper: No, you will have to use the trial room as everybody else does!

Teacher: Raghu Spell Mouse Raghu: Mouse
Teacher: What Is At The End?
Raghu: Its Tail

Raghu: Sir, What Is The Date Today? Teacher: Shh! Don't Ask Silly Questions. Finish Your Exam Paper Quickly. Raghu: Sir, But I Want To Write At Least One Thing Correctly On My Paper!

Teacher: Raghu, What Are You Scribbling On Your Fingers?
Raghu: Historical Dates
Teacher: Why?
Raghu: Because Our History Teacher Says That We Should Always Have Imortant Historical Dates On Our Finger Tips.

Teacher: Raghu Who Was Raja Ram Mohan Roy Raghu: They Were Three Brothers

Teacher: Raghu, If Your Mother Has Rs. 150 And Your Father Takes Rs. 50 From Her, What Will She Get?
Raghu: Ma'am, She Will Get Angry.

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