"Elderly Couple" joke

An elderly widow and widower met in a retirement home and really seemed to hit it off. They shared the same values, enjoyed the same things in life and found pleasure in each other's company.
Eventually, the widower took the plunge and proposed. Before accepting, the widow thought she should find out a little more about him. "I probably shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but, how is your health?" she asked.
"Pretty good," he replied. "I'm obviously not getting any younger, but I have no major problems and still enjoy life."
"That's wonderful," said the widow. "I must protect myself though, so if you don't mind my asking, how are you fixed financially?"
"By all means, I'm not a wealthy man, but I am comfortable. No need to fear, I am very capable of supporting myself," he said.
Blushing, the widow decided to bite the bullet, "How about your sex life?"
"Infrequently," replied the widower.
Pondering his reply for a moment or two, she asked, "Would that be one word or two?"

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