"During the Vietnam war" joke

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During the Vietnam war, a Lieutenant asked a Marine why he
was falling back during a really fierce battle. "Didn't you hear
me say that we're outnumbered 4 to 1? "
The Marine replied, "I got my four Sir."

During the Vietnam War, a hillbilly soldier shot about a dozen of the enemy during his first battle. The Sergeant said, "Howd you learn to shoot like that? Have you ever been in combat before?" "Well suh," drawled the boy, "To be honest, this is my first more...

A soldier, a marine, and an airman got into a fight about which service is best. The fight was so heated, that they killed each other.Soon, they found themselves in Heaven. They see St. Peter walk by and ask, “Which
Branch of Service is the best?”St. Peter replied, “I more...

Father Murphy walked into a pub and said to the first Marine he met, "Do you want to go to heaven?" The Marine said, "I do Father." The priest said, "Leave this pub right now!" He then approached a second Marine. "Do you want to got to more...

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