"Dead Ringer, Part II" joke

With the hunchback still dead, and his no-armed replacement still dead, the church leader still needs a bell ringer. He posts a sign outside the church and another no-armed man shows up to take the job.
The frustrated church leader says, "The last no-armed guy died trying to ring this bell, what makes you think you can do it?"
The no-armed man says, "I've been without my arms since birth and therefore have much more experience. Besides, I desperately need the job to feed my family."
The church leader, feeling sorry for the man, says, "OK give it a try."
And, as expected, the no-armed man tries to pull the rope with his teeth, stumbles and falls to his death.
The church leader rushes down to the sidewalk just as a policeman arrives. The policeman says, "OK, this is two deaths in two days. Does anybody know who this guy is?"
The church leader says, "I'm sorry, I didn't ask, but he's a dead ringer for the guy who was in here yesterday!"

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