"Borrowed A Bull" joke

The farmer had borrowed a bull from a neighbor to service his two cows. He put the beast in the pasture and instructed his son to keep an eye on them. "As soon as the bull has finished, you come up to the house and tell me," he said.
When the farmer got back to the house, he found the Reverend there paying a social call. They were seated in the front room sipping tea when the boy burst in the door.
"Dad, Dad," he exclaimed, "the bull just--------the brown cow!"
Greatly embarrassed, the farmer took his son outside. "Is that any way to talk in front of the Reverend?" he demanded. "Why couldn't you have said the bull' surprised' the brown cow? I would've understood. Now go back down to the pasture and come tell me when the bull is finished."
A few minutes later the boy again burst into the room. "Dad, Dad-" he exclaimed.
Fearing another breach of verbal etiquette, the father interrupted.
"I know, I know," he said. "The bull has surprised the white cow."
"He sure has," exclaimed the excited boy. "He--------the brown
cow again!"

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