"Black man White man and a Mexican" joke

theres was a black man a white man and a mexican in the desert they all came upon a genie and he said you get one wish so they all wished for something to drink so a slide come out and the genie said slide down the slide and say what u want to drink and u will land in it. the black man went first and said lemonade so he landed in lemonade the white man went down and said beer so he landed in beer the mexican went down and said weeeeeee!

an old man went to a beach and say a sexy girl in a bikini. he went up to her and asked her"can i feel your sexy, juicy boobs?"
The girl said, "no way, get away from me old man."
the guy said," twenty more...

A woman's breasts are like a child's toys. They are meant for the child - but the husband is the one that usually ends up playing with them.

A boy of three and a girl of four, were playing house one day. They played that they were man & wife and they were going away. As they knocked upon a neighbor's door, the little girl bowed low saying, "This is my husband and I'm his wife. We're visiting you you more...

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