"3 hoes and 1 pimp" joke

one hoe came into a bar and the pimp spotted her and said,"hey hoe you owe me 20.00",
the hoe said,"no i only owe you 10.00.
the pimp said," Bitch dont correct me"
The second hoe comes in and the pimp spotted her to so he went up to her and said,"Hey hoe you owe me 20.00" and the hoe said,"No i only woe you 15.00. The pimp then said, "Bitch dont correct me"
The third hoe comes in and the pimp also spots her and says,"Hey hoe you owe me 30.00" and the hoe says,"No i only owe you 20.00". Then the pimp said to her,"Bitch dont correct me"
Then the fourth hoe comes in....
(the person who your talking to)says:theres only three hoes
(the one telling the joke)says,"I told you Bitch, dont correct me!(he then chases you)

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