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    Via AP news

    A student was arrested for uploading a video on YouTube about how to make a remote control bomb using a toy remote.

    Ironically, my family had to talk me out of making a remote controlled bomb for my 8th grade science fair. I was disgruntled from my 7th grade science fair where I made a “Light Sensory Burglar Alarm System” that wasn’t even considered for a prize. Meanwhile, my friend's “Simpson Quiz Game” (which I had to help him with) got 2nd place. When I asked my science professor what he thought of my project he said, “Very good… did your dad help you with that?” I wanted to punch him in the face.

    Admittedly, my bomb wouldn’t have hurt anyone.. you press the button.. a little smoke comes out.. then a sign pops up that says, “No, my dad did not help me with this.”

    It was then that I decided to give up on the education system and just tell jokes… true story.

    Dear Star Savior,

    Hi. I’m actor Shia LeBeouf. A video that was released on YouTube shows me in a slapping contest with a friend, repeatedly calling my friend a “faggot” to encourage him to slap me. The video is several years old, but I am embarrassed that people have seen this footage. What should I do?

    Dear Shia,

    People will be alarmed by your use of “faggot,” and there’s nothing you can do about it. But this is your chance to raise awareness of a problem greater than homophobia: children growing up in homes without slapping.

    Kids shouldn’t have to turn to each other to get their slaps: Their palms are too small, and kids have poor form. A slap without good follow-through may as well be a hug.

    Your YouTube video can help change things. Everyone assumes celebrities grew up spoiled with all the slaps they wanted. They assume celebrities were the lucky ones who came home after rehearsal for the school play, had dinner with more...

    Last night over a million people went on youtube to watch U2 stream their concert live. Their concert was the second most popular video on youtube, next to "Adorable Kitten In A Box."

    Police have been using YouTube in criminal investigations with encouraging results. One web-related sting led to an arrest of two girls, one cuff.

    Videos showing attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq have migrated to Internet video-sharing sites like YouTube. On YouTube you can also find videos of a guy trying to shave his cat.

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