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    Wave properly

    Hot 2 years agoby andy

    - Wave properly you stupid bitch!
    - Nan please, that's the Queen


    Hot 2 years agoby andy

    - who's that slut waving at us?
    - Nan thats mum

    Jewish mother

    Hot 3 years ago

    A Jewish mother is walking with her small son along the shore, enjoying the sounds and smells of the ocean.
    Suddenly, without warning, a huge wave comes in and washes the boy out to sea. The woman screams, but no one is nearby, and she can't swim. She sees her son's head bobbing up and down as he cries for help and moves farther and farther from shore.
    Desperate, she sinks to her knees in the sand. Pleading with God for mercy, she swears she will devote herself to good causes and be faithful in attending synagogue if God will spare her only child.
    Suddenly another huge wave crashes in, and deposits her son, wet but unhurt on the sand. She lifts her face to the heavens, extends both arms and cries...
    "He had a HAT!!!"

    Tsunami joke

    Hot 11 months agoby ninja

    What did the photographer say, when about to photograph a group of tourists?

    [Offensive to large bodies of water]
    The old Jewish man was walking on the beach with his only grandson,
    when a giant wave crashes onshore, sweeping the boy out to sea.
    The man looks up to the heavens and says, "Oh Lord, this is my only
    grandson, how can you take him away from me like this? My son will
    not understand. My daughter-in-law will die from grief."
    Another wave comes by, and deposits the boy at the old man's feet.
    The grandfather looks to the heavens again and says, "He had a hat!"

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