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    What's the least popular detergent in Japan?

    Tsunami Death Toll Rises

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    The death toll from last week's Indonesian tsunami rose to 668. A UN official describes the number as, "impressive, but not enough for a telethon."

    Tsunami joke

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    What did the photographer say, when about to photograph a group of tourists?

    Tasteless Tsunami Jokes

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    By: Anonymous Santa didn't have time to visit Asia this year so he just gave them a wave as he he passed Fairy Liquid have donated a million bottles of detergent to the tsunami appeal, they heard that there were a lot of Asians washing up on the beaches. Ellen Macarthur's bid to circumnavigate the globe in record time has failed...

    She was beaten by a Sri Lankan on a deck chair Why are so many sharks in the Indian Ocean stricken with diarrhea?

    They've been eating Thai food all week.


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    Your momma is so fat that when she jumped in the ocean, she was the cause for the tsunami.

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