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    In the "You asked for it, You got it." category...More bad news for Toyota- a reported problem with the brakes on their Prius Hybrid. The good news -the Prius doesn't go fast enough for the brakes to be a major issue.

    Who is the most foolish?

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    Mr Silva and Mr. Perera are very good friends. One Sunday evening they are having a
    beer at Silva's place.
    These gentlemen, being bachelors still, kept servants to maintain the house and also to
    run errands for them.
    After few rounds of drinks, their topic of discussion turned to servants. Mr. Perera says
    to Mr. Silva,
    "I say Mr. Silva, I think my servant Banda should be the most foolish servant in the world."
    "Come on Mr. Perera, I will eat my head if you can prove that Banda is more foolish than
    my servant Junda."
    "Okay, okay we'll see". And Mr. Silva calls Banda and handed him 10 Rupees and tells,
    "Banda, you go to the Toyota dealer at the corner of the street and buy me a new Camry
    with that."
    "Certainly, Sir" and off goes Banda.
    "You see Mr. Perera, how foolish is my servant"
    "Huh!, you say that is foolish, wait till you see my servant" and more...

    Knock Knock

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    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Toyota who?
    Toyata be a law against such awful jokes!

    A mysterious X-shaped pattern of space debris seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope was probably two asteroids that collided, scientists said Tuesday. Scientists believe the collision happened when one of the asteroids suddenly accelerated. Scientists are calling the pattern of debris the Toyota Camry.

    ABC "America's Mickey Mouse Network"
    Allstate "Sears-ious Insurance"
    AOL "We've Got You by the Wires"
    AT&T "No, WE'VE Got You by the Wires"
    Burger King "Wait for It Your Way"
    CBS "Welcome Home. Hey, Where the Hell Is Everyone?"
    Chevrolet "GEO Whiz, We Like Toyota"
    Chrysler "The Mercedes-Benz of American Cars"
    Coca-Cola "New Coke Was Pepsi's Idea"
    Democratic National Party "Bill Clinton? Never Heard of Him"
    Disney "Available in Stores for a Limited Time Only"
    Eveready "Nothing Really Keeps on Going Forever"
    Ford "Quality is Somebody Else's Job"
    Ernest & Julio Gallo: "We Will Have No Hangover before Its Time"
    General Electric "We're a Lot Like RCA"
    Honda "Just As Good As Hyundai. Really"
    IBM "Windows Is Just a Fad"
    JERZEES "Fit to a T"
    KIA more...

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