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    Arkansas Governor Application First name: ___________________Last name(if known): _______________________Address (where you live): Mother's name(list also relation, i. e., sister): __________________Birthdate(yours): ____________________Father's name (if known, if not, list two possible choices)______________Color of neck: Light Red( ) Medium Red( ) Dark Red( ) No Neck( )Year of pickup truck: ____________ Do you have the following in your truck: Fuzzy Dice( ) Gun Rack( ) Coon Tail( ) Filled ash tray( ) Used Condoms( ) Dead Road Kill( ) Dog of Unknown Breed( )Have you ever been to a large city? (Like Little Rock) Yes( ) No( )How far can you throw cow pies? __________ Do you eat cow pies? Yes( ) No( )Wife's name: __________________ Is she: Cousin( ) Neighbor( ) Sister( ) Mother( ) Neighbor's dog( ) Right hand( )Does your wife weigh: Less than 200 Pounds( ) Less than 300 Pounds( ) Less than a 747( ) More than a 747( )Do you know what a 747 is? Yes( ) No( )How much smarter than you is more...

    Le metier de rocker

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    La maitresse demande aux eleves de sa classe de CE1 ce qu'ils veulent faire comme metier lorsqu'ils seront grand:
    "Moi je veut etre pompier madame!" reponds Jerome.
    "C'est bien toi Mickael?"
    "Moi je veux etre policier madame!"
    "Ah!...Et toi Marjory?"
    "Moi je veux etre maitresse comme vous maitresse!"
    "C'est bien Marjory, c'est un tres joli metier..."
    Puis elle se tourne vers Toto, au dernier rang, The Le Cancre de la classe:
    "Et toi Toto?"
    "Moi je veux etre grand rocker maitresse!"
    "Ah...Et c'est quoi 'grand rocker' Toto?"
    "Grand rocker, c'est le blouson en cuir, la moto, les salopes..." et PAFFFFF!!! Toto se ramasse une grande claque dans la gueule et se met a pleurer... A la fin de la journee, Toto rentre chez lui et raconte toute l'histoire a ses parents: " je lui ai dit que je voulait etre grand rocker et elle m'a more...

    Knock Knock
    Who's there!
    Toto who?
    Tota-lly devoted to you!

    I'm amazed more people haven't spotted these film flubs:

    * Part of the movie is in black and white, then inadvertently goes to color, and then back to black and white! An obvious continuity gaffe.

    * Although the movie purports to be in Kansas, several scenes are obviously filmed on a Hollywood sound stage.

    * The scene where the teacher rides past Dorothy's bedroom window in the midst of a tornado is physically impossible.

    * When the characters sing you can hear music accompanying them but there are no radios or musicians in the area!

    * For a land to exist "over the rainbow" it would have to be lighter than air, and as Dorothy was already shown to be composed of solid matter, how come she didn't fall back down to earth?

    * Some of the so-called "munchkins" are obviously children wearing fake facial hair and grown up clothes.

    * The "yellow brick road" is not really yellow as much as more...

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