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    Don't believe in superstition - it brings bad luck.

    Hi Gigglers:
    For the past two months I haven't had very much time to submit anything to the list, but today I made the time.
    Today is Friday the thirteenth as you all know. It is a day where over 21 million Americans stay home due to superstition.
    Superstition: n: beliefs or practices resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, or trust in magic or chance.
    In Quebec, the number 13 is fifth on the list of superstsitions. Knocking on wood is number one.
    The number 13 happens to be a number of luck. Whether good luck or bad luck depends on the person who beleives in its power. I heard today that Italians consider the number 13 as being good for luck and Americans consider it bad luck (at least most Americans do).
    Until today, Friday the 13th has always been a day of good luck. This morning as I was scraping the ice off the windows of my car, a police car drove up beside my car on the street. He rolled down the window and asked me in French (being from Montreal) more...

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