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    The Suicidal Goat

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    A guy who was tired with life in the big city decided to take a vacation and go to the mountain, so he rented a chalet in the wilderness.
    One day, as he was strolling, he got to the edge of a precipice. He carefully looked down and backed quickly, amazed: "gee, is this deep!". He took a pebble and threw it in, to see how long it takes until it gets down. It took a while, so he thought "that's really deep"; then he found a big stone and tossed it, and when it hit the ground with an almost inaudible sound he reckoned "this is what I call deep". Having nothing else to do, he started to look around a found a large piece of rail. He strained a while, as it was pretty heavy, rusted and muddy, but he managed to push it over the cliff, and after some time, when he heard it hitting the ground with abig blast, he reasoned: "now that's something!".
    He had just seated himself to rest and start meditating at the abyssal dimensions, when he saw a more...

    Suicidal twin kills

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    Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!

    Suicidal blonde
    A blonde girl got so mad about blonde jokes she decided to kill herself.
    She finds a suitable tree and proceeds to hang herself by the ankles.
    Two guys come over and say, "Are you trying to kill yourself?"
    The blonde replies, "Yes, I am."
    One of the men says, "Then shouldn't you hang the rope on your neck instead of your ankles?"
    The blonde says, "I tried that, but I couldn't breathe."

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