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    A Spaniard name Jose came to Miami and wanted to attend a big league game. To his dismay he found that all the seats were sold out. However, the management gave him a high seat by the flagpole. When he returned to his home country his friends asked him, "What kind of people are those Americans?" He said, "Fine people, they gave me a special seat at the ball game and just before the game started that all stood up and sang `Jose can you see.`"


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    One day 3 guys are in an airplane, An American, a Spaniard, and an Egyptian. Suddenly the plane gets to heavy while its over Egypt.
    So the Egyptian throws a model of the Pyramids overboard. When he gets down he finds the boy crying.
    Why are you crying little boy? He asks.
    Im crying cause a pyramid fell on my head.
    The plane gets back in the air and it is still too heavy. So the Spaniard throws a toy bull off the plane. He gets down and finds a boy crying.
    Why are you crying little boy? He asks.
    Im crying cause a toy bull fell on my head.
    The plane goes back into the air and its still too heavy. The American then throws a pipe bomb out the overboard. He gets down and finds the boy laughing his guts out.
    Why the hell are you laughing so hard?
    Im laughing cuz when I farted the building behind me went boooooooooom!

    Cavalier Cocker Spaniard
    King James Spaniel
    Westminster Terrier
    Rhode Island Ridgeback
    Copper Spaniel
    Cocker Spaniard
    Black Labrador (from a license app, dog's color was yellow)
    Dorky Terrier
    Lopso Apso
    El Paso (attempt at Lhasa Apso)
    Highland Heeler
    Alaskan Malibu
    Belgian Manawa
    Belgium Malenoise
    Basket Hound Bagel
    Welch Corgi
    Wild Haired Terrier
    Carrion Terrier
    Rockwelders (of course we know that should be Rockwilder)
    Great Pekingese (supposed to be Pyrenees)
    Great Pyramid
    Miniature Datsun
    Irish Settler
    Jack Daniels Terrier
    German Police Man
    Chesapeake A Retriever
    Borderline Collie
    Chevy King Charles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
    Goverment Pinscher

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