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    If you're easily offended (I mean VERY easily), don't read this.
    WOMEN SPEAK IN ESTROGEN AND MEN LISTEN IN TESTOSTERONE... By Matt Groening (Creator of The Simpsons and Life in Hell)
    Deep Thoughts about Gender Differences
    SEX: Women prefer 30-40 minutes of foreplay. Men prefer 30-40 seconds of foreplay. Men consider driving back to her place as part of the foreplay.
    MATURITY: Women mature much faster than men. Most 17-year old females can function as adults. Most 17-year old males are still trading baseball cards and giving each other wedgies after gym class. This is why high school romances rarely work out.
    MAGAZINES: Men's magazines often feature pictures of naked women.
    Women's magazines also feature pictures of naked women. This is because the female body is a beautiful work of art, while the male body is lumpy and hairy and should not be seen by the light of day. Men are turned on at the sight of a naked woman's body. Most naked men elicit laughter more...

    Man and Socks

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    A man met his friend in a shopping centre. The friend had a look at his feet and asked, "Why are you wearing one red and one black sock"? The man paused for a moment then said, "I have married this stupid woman. She buys funny things. I have another pair like this at home".

    Why has she got snooker balls in her socks
    Grampa thats nans tits

    How To Become A Redneck

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    Become a Redneck in 25 Easy Steps: A Manual for Yuppies
    Are you a wealthy and successful suit-and-tie yuppie businessman who has always had a secret dream that you would one day become a redneck?
    Have you always wanted to be a Bubba, but didn't know how?
    Is there an inner Cletus inside that dapper and dignified image, just hollerin' to get out?
    Well, now you can become the redneck you have always wanted to be!
    Purchase the following: one pair of overalls, one pack of chewing tobacco and six cases of beer. That is all you will need to start!
    Now follow the 25 easy guidelines in our manual!
    Caution: These instructions MUST be followed in your BUSINESS OFFICE.
    1) We assume you are a dignified, well-groomed yuppie executive; therefore, as you read this, it is also assumed you are wearing a pair of well-polished $800 Brooks Brothers black dress shoes and silk socks, a $2,000 pinstriped Armani business suit tailored for you, a $150 silk necktie with matching more...

    For years I badgered my mother with questions about whether Santa
    Claus is a real person or not. Her answer was always "Well, you asked
    for the presents and they came, didn't they?" I finally understood the
    full meaning of her reply when I heard the definition of a virtual
    device: "A software or hardware entity which responds to commands in a
    manner indistinguishable from the real device." Mother was telling me
    that Santa Claus is a virtual person (simulated by loving parents) who
    responds to requests from children in a manner indistinguishable from the
    real saint.
    Mother also taught the IF... THEN... ELSE structure: "If it's
    snowing, then put your boots on before you go to school; otherwise just
    wear your shoes."
    Mother explained the difference between batch and transaction processing:
    "We'll wash the white clothes when we get enough of them to make a load, but
    we'll wash these socks out right more...

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