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    I wonder if you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?

    It's time to tell the truth about Smurfs.
    You see, Smurfs are a lot like other folks; they have dreams and ambitions, deep, thoughtful conversations with each other, and good and bad times.
    "But," people ask, "do Smurfs have..... you know,...... *sex*?"
    The answer is an emphatic and resounding YES!
    And why shouldn't they? They're people, too.
    What *most* people don't know is why Smurfs are blue. Well, the reason is because Smurfs only have sex once a year.
    Face it: if you had sex only once a year, you'd be blue, too.
    Once a year, in the Smurf village, flags and banners fly happily in the breeze, proclaiming that the day of the annual Smuckfest has arrived. Birds sing and the Sun comes out to watch, despite the weatherSmurf's direst predictions.
    I guess good ol' Mr. Sun is a voyeur.
    In the middle of town, Papa Smurf gives a brief speech explaining the origin of the Smuckfest; how Dr. C. Everett Koop came to the village more...

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