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    Mr. Thadani, a middle-aged Sindhi, is on a plane for Hongkong, in a window seat. Just before take-off, this HUGE Sardar wearing a beautiful suit walks up and sits down beside him. A few minutes later, the plane takes off. All is well For a while. But then, Mr. Thadani realizes that he has to go to the washroom.

    That wouldn't be a problem, but he looks over and notices that the Sardar beside him is sound asleep, and Mr. Thadani, being a meek man is afraid to disturb him. So he figures he'll hold it in till Sardarji wakes up. But as luck would have it, the Sardar just keeps snoring away, and Mr. Thadani is feeling increasingly more uncomfortable.

    After a while, he starts to feel nauseous as well, what from holding it in combined with the plane ride. He tries and tries to hold it in, but then "AAARRGGHH!!"--he throws up all over the Sardar and his beautiful suit.

    He thinks, "Oh, no! Now he's gonna kill me!" and sits there in more...

    A Sindhi cyclist knocks down a Sindhi lady.

    Lady: Mua, Peetal aahin cha?

    cyclist: Na Amma, ma sital ahyan, ganga jo put.

    A Sindhi walking through a bazaar, when a stranger comes up to him and offers to sell him some illegal Viagra for 1, 000 Rupees.

    "No, not worth it Sai!"

    "OK, how about 500 Rupees?"

    "No, not worth it Sai!"

    "OK, 200?"

    "No, not worth it!"

    "How about 100?"

    "No, not worth it!"

    "Listen, these pills cost $10 American each. How can you say they are not worth it?"

    "Ade baba, the pills are worth it, it's my wife is not worth it."

    Sindhis are known both for their sharp practices as well as for their clannishness: they drive hard bargains but also help fellow Sindhis to find employment.

    A Sindhi businessman on a visit to Hong Kong wanted to have a silk suit made and went to a Sindhi tailor's shop at the airport, which advertised suits made to measure in a couple of hours.

    The visiting businessman selected the material and asked how much it cost.

    The tailor replied:' Sir, seeing you are a fellow Sindhi I will offer you a special price. A suit of this material costs 200 Hong Kong dollars, as you can see clearly marked on the label. I charge everyone else two hundred dollars but not a fellow Sindhi. I won't ask for 190 dollars not even 180 dollars. For you it will be 170 dollars, not a cent more.'

    'Why should you lose money on me just because I happen to be a fellow Sindhi,' replied the visitor.' So what should I offer for this suit? Seventy dollars? That I would to a more...

    What is a Sikh scuba diver called? Jal-A ndhar-Singh.
    What is history of Punjab called? Sarson-Da-Saga.
    What would Punjabi International Airlines be called? Kitthe Pacific.
    What would Punjabi National Airlines be named? lithe Pacific.
    What do you call a Sardar who drinks only beer? Just-beer Singh.
    What do you call a Sardar who has only one drink? Just-one Singh.
    What is a Sindhi lawyer called? Case-wani.
    What is a Sindhi lawyer chasing a case called? Purse- wani.
    What is a communist Sindhi called? Lalwani.
    What is a Sindhi who falls from the first floor called? Thadani.
    What is a Sindhi who falls from the 30th floor called? Marjani.
    What do you call a very rich Malayalee? Million Iyer.

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