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    Driving Lesson: Shanavas was just past 18 years. He wanted to learn how to drive a car. So he approached Shamudeen. Shamudeen agreed and he taught him for a month. At the end of the month, when there was just one more lesson to be finished, Shamu said "Shanavas, you are doing very well. This is the last lesson about the use of Indicators. After finishing the lesson, you drive alone to the city and come back." Shanavas nodded. After the lesson was over, he drove the car towards the main road. Fifteen minutes later, Shamu got a call from the Medical College casualty that Shanavas was admitted after a R. T. A. He rushed to the Casualty and found Shanavas lying in the trolley wih lots of bruises. Seeing Shamu, Shanavas went mad and shouted. "What man? What did you teach me? A vehicle with an indicator on top came rushing just after the Ulloor junction. I thought it would go up. But it came and crashed on to the car!" (The vehicle was an Ambulance!)

    TV Shop: Shanavas went to the Calicut Radio Service outlet. He saw an interesting looking TV on the window. He went inside and asked a salesperson what the price of the TV was. The shop keeper replied immediately "Are you not Shanavas from Calicut? Sorry!!". Shanavas was disappointed. He went and changed into a kurtha paijama, got a fake moustache and came back to the shop and asked for the same TV. The shop keeper again said "Sorry, we can't help you!". Shanavas went to the barber, got his head shaved, put on an expensive pair of jeans and a pair of gloves, and bought borrowed an expensive bike from his friend and headed to the store. Again the reply was the same! He was so mad, he caught the salesperson on the shirt collar and shouted "Why won't you give me that damn TV?!". The salesperson said "Sorry sir, we cannot give you that TV because it's not a TV. It's a microwave oven!

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