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    Settling scores

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    A Pakistani soldier was caught trespassing in the private quarter of a home. The houseowner hauled him out into the street and both he and his son began to thrash him. A passerby joined them. The military police rescued the soldier and arrested the three men. They were arraigned before a military court.
    Assaulting a man in military uniform is a very serious crime, punishable by death,' said the presiding officer to the three accused.' What explanations have you to offer as extenuating circumstances?'
    The elderly houseowner replied:' Sir, I caught this man trying to molest my daughter. The honour of a Pakistani daughter is more sacred than one's life.'
    'Quite right!', agreed the presiding officer.' And what do you have to say?', He asked the houseowner's son.
    'Sir, this fellow was. trying to take liberties with my sister. The honour of a Pakistani sister is more precious that one's life/ he replied.
    'Quite right!' agreed the presiding officer, and turned to the more...

    Jesus saves, he shoots, HE SCORES!!

    i have to type these jokes one after the other or my scores ill be to low and i cant type any more

    Q: What do members of a good basketball team have in common with a roomful of men and a blonde?
    A: Everybody scores!

    Stupid Things Said In The World Of Soccer:
    1. Well, it's Liverpool two, Ipswich nil, and if the score stays this way, I've got to fancy Liverpool for the win.
    2. He had an eternity to play that ball, but took too long.
    3. And so they have not been able to improve on their 100% record.
    4. With the last kick of the game, he scored with a header.
    5. Well, it's a fabulous kaleidescope of colour: almost all the Brazilians are wearing yellow shirts.
    6. If that had gone on, it would definitely have been a goal.
    7. Their manager, Howard Wilkinson, isn't here today, which strongly suggests that he may be elsewhere.
    8. I am a firm believer that if one team scores a goal, the other needs to score two to win.
    9. If a team scores early on, it often takes an early lead.
    10. You cannot possibly have counted the number of passes made, but there were eight.

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