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    An Englishman, an Irish man and a Scotsman were in the pub deciding what they were going to buy for their wives for Christmas.
    The Englishman said, "I'm going to buy my wife a necklace and a scarf.
    That way, if she doesn't like the necklace, she can wear the scarf on top and she won't be embarrassed, I won't be embarrassed, and we'll have a happy Christmas"
    Next is was the Scotsman's turn. "I'm going to buy my wife a bracelet and some long gloves. That way, if she doesn't like the bracelet, she can wear the gloves on top and she won't be embarrassed, I won't be embarrassed, and we'll have a happy Christmas."
    Finally they asked the Irishman what he was going to buy. "Well I'm going to buy my wife a bright red hat and a vibrator," said the Irishman.
    "If she doesn't like the hat, she can go fuck herself."

    An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman are all boasting to each other about
    presents they have bought their wives for their birthdays.
    The Englishman says "I've bought my wife a 24-carot gold ring and a
    "Why have you got her a glove?" the other two ask.
    "Because when she wears the ring in public, I want her to wear the glove
    so no-one can nick it off her finger" he replies.
    The Scotsman is not impressed and proudly braggs "I've got my wife a
    diamond necklace and a scarf".
    The other two, slightly confused, ask "What's the scarf for?"
    "So that when she wears it in crowded places, she can put the scarf around
    her neck to prevent it being snatched" the Scotsman replies.
    The Englishman and Scotsman, both feeling proud at their gifts, were keen
    to hear
    what the Irishman had bought his wife and invited him to tell them.
    "Well, I got her a pair of shoes and a more...

    A man with a 12 foot long dick goes to visit the doctor. He says, "Doctor, I'm taking a girl out tonight. It's my first ever date and I'm not sure what to do with my dick. Some people find it rather terrifying." The doctor looks at the man pensively and finally advises him to paint it red, white and blue and hang it around his neck like a scarf. The man thanks the doctor for his advice and leaves to prepare for his hot date at the cinema. Everything goes according to plan at the cinema and the couple begin to get amorous. Suddenly half way through the film the lights in the auditorium are switched on and a loud voice booms from the PA system: "Will the man with the red, white and blue scarf sitting on the back row please stop flicking ice cream over the other patrons."

    Why did the blonde return her new scarf? It was too tight.

    Why did the blonde take her new scarf back to the store? Because it was too tight!

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