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    Rosie Said What?

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    Chinese Americans are upset that Rosie O'Donnell said "Ching Chong" on "The View." Barbara Walters lamented, "Star Jones never would have said that, n*ggers aren't that stupid."

    Rosie O'Donnell says she's sorry for mocking spoken Chinese on "The View," but journalists from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Chinese American, say it wasn't enough.
    The Chinese representative stated: "China is a growing superpower that may overtake the U.S. in economic dominance."
    Adding: "Fifty years from now we'll have her upside down with a f*cking chopstick in her ass!"

    "Star Jones has finally become the skinny bitch we always talked about!" Joy Behar commented on yesterdays episode of The View as a picture of the newly svelte Jones loomed in the background. "It's wierd, it's just friggin wierd" yelled Rosie O' Donnell, who was feeling refreshed and vigorous after hanging upside down for an hour in the greenroom to "help with depression" and "to swell up my tongue so that it feels like a shlong when I give my lady-friend cunnilingous through a Dunkin' Doughnut hole".

    Adventurer Sir Edmund Hillary has died at age 88. He was the first man atop Mt. Everest.

    Big deal, there's been NO man atop Rosie O'Donnell. studies show that a mother's diet can help determine the sex of a child...women who have a hearty breakfast laced with sugar were more inclined to have a son...women who consume a low energy diet that skimps on calories & nutrients are more likely to have a girl...and women who consumed both are likely to give birth to rosie o'donnell...

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