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    New Republican GOP agenda - the Top Ten House Republican initiatives:
    Eliminate the Department of Health and Human Services, all Occupational Safety and Health laws and regulations, and Luxury Taxes, and use the savings to eliminate the corporate income tax.
    Restore the House on Un-American Activities Committee (Robert Dornan to be Chairman) and eliminate the Ethics Committee.
    Provide tax credits for home schooling.
    Repeal all gun control laws and provide tax incentives for private militia.
    Eliminate all Federal election funding and regulations, and repeal the voting rights act.
    Right to Work Act: Repeal anti-competition laws and outlaw labor monopoly groups.
    Pass a "anti-flag burning" constitutional amendment to protect patriotic emblems such as "Old Glory," the "Stars-and-Bars," "Star-Spangled Banner," "Dixie," and maybe the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
    Provide tax credit for mothers to more...

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