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    A country boy decides to join the Army. He walks into the recruiters office and announces, "I want to join the Army!" The recruiter offers the boy a seat across the desk from him, looks at the country boy and asks, "How old are you son?" The country boy answers, "Well, last year I was 22, but I can't figure out how old I am now. Let me go home and ask my mama, I reckon she's the only one who keeps up with my age." The country boy gets up and starts to leave.

    The recruiter barks, "Son, get over here and sit down in this seat right this minute!" The country boy does as the recruiter orders him to. After a minute of eyeing the country boy, the recruiter asks, "Son, there ain't much between you and a fool is there?"

    The country boy thinks it over for a minute, then replies, "Just this desk I guess."

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