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    Watertown, New York:
    It was eagle-eyed zookeepers who noticed first. The DNA testing only
    proved what they already suspected.
    The Thompson Park Zoo's American bald eagle breeding program was going
    nowhere. Not with two males, anyway.
    "We had our suspicions right away. The birds are virtually the identical
    size," said Director Glenn D. Dobrogosz, who laughed Tuesday about the
    gender mix-up that provided a comical start to the zoo's new eagle
    breeding program.
    "It happens. Not a lot. But it happens," he said.
    The two American bald eagles - supposedly a male and female - arrived at
    the zoo last July from the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in
    Anchorage, Alaska.
    The two males became good buddies but zookeepers quickly realized there
    would be no amorous flights for these two, Dobrogosz said.
    Because bald eagle males and females share the same coloring
    characteristics, it is difficult to determine gender more...

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