Quadriplegic Jokes

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    A man is walking down the docks when he sees a quadriplegic woman crying in a corner. Trying to be a nice guy he walks up and asks her whats wrong.
    "I've never been hugged." replies the woman
    The man figures it would be a nice thing to do, so he picks her up and hugs her. She smiles. Then her face drops and she starts crying again.
    "Whats the matter now?" asks the man.
    "I've never been kissed..." says the woman.
    The man leans down and kisses the woman on the lips for a brief moment. The woman smiles for a bit, then starts sobbing again.
    The man a bit annoyed asks her again whats wrong.
    The woman replies, "Because I dont have arms and legs I've never been screwed..."
    The man picks up the woman and carriers her down the dock... then tosses her off the side of the dock into the water.
    The man yells at the woman, "NOW YOU'RE SCREWED!"

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