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In the "You asked for it, You got it." category...More bad news for Toyota- a reported problem with the brakes on their Prius Hybrid. The good news -the Prius doesn't go fast enough for the brakes to be a major issue.

Toyota is recalling over 500,000 cars due to faulty parts that could cause drivers to lose control of the steering wheel. Among the recalled cars is Toyota's super-efficient hybrid, the Prius. That's how environmentally friendly the Prius is: It actually tries to run you off the road so you'll take public transportation.

Silently splattering

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The Prius has been added to the list of Toyota vehicles with faulty gas pedals that make the car speed out of control. The upside is you can’t even hear the Prius crash.

“Toyota Prius. Making the world a better place.Even if you’re not in it.”

Toyota announces solution to the Prius brake problem by simplyrenaming car the Pius…. You still won’t stop and you will still die…but you areguaranteed going to Heaven.