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    Tough Sale

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    There was a red head, a brunette, and a blonde all in an adults only erotic shop.
    The red head walks up to the counter and tells the man that she would like the red vibrator.
    He takes it down off the shelf and says "ok that'll be twenty dollars." She pays and goes off on her merry way.
    The brunette walks up to the man and says that she would like the yellow vibrator.
    He take the yellow one off the shelf and says "ok, miss, that'll be twenty dollars."
    She pays and goes off on her merry way.
    The blonde walks over to the man blushes and says "yes, sir, I would like the plaid one please." The man turns around to see the "plaid vibrator" and smiling, says "that'll be 75 dollars."
    The blonde pays and goes off on her merry way.
    The owner of the store comes in and asks the man how the sales were that day.
    He replies, "Well, I sold a red and a yellow vibrator for 20 dollars each, and i sold your thermos more...

    IF YOU'RE A GUY: You arrive to the party with a group of 10 or more other guys (in Honda's of course!). You are wearing a plaid or flannel shirt w/ a pair of jeans, Doc Martin's, and a white shirt underneath. The line at the door is short with mostly guys (90% guys/10% girls). You don't mind if any girl cuts in front of you even they are ugly. If a guy cuts, you want to start a fight. You hair contains two bottles of mousse, one tube of gel, and one can of hair spray in case one strand gets out of place. You are either bald or you have a 2-hour old fade. Your pants are sagging, a pager is always in the right front pocket snapped on backwards, and your car alarm remote is hanging out in the left front pocket. You stare at every girl at the party, but never approach any of them. You hope the girl you've been looking at, knows one of your friends and then you will say "HOOK ME UP!" Gets a woody if a cute girl happens to look at you and smile. As you come into the party, you say more...

    Sandy McTavish was walking the Macy's basement sale when, before his
    eyes on the sale table, was a bolt of the McTavish tartan! He'd been
    in New York for about six years and his kilt showed it, so the need
    was there, the price was right and he approached the sales clerk (you'll
    have to supply your own Scottish burr).
    "Lassie, Ey'd like a yayrd an a haf o' the McTavish tartin"
    "Beg your pardon sir?"
    "Yaryrd an a haf o' the McTavish tartin, I'm needin' a new kilt"
    "I'm sorry sir, you'll have to show me the material you mean"
    So he walked her over to the sale table and showed her what he wanted.
    "Sorry sir, that plaid only comes in three yard lengths"
    "Ya dunna understand lassie, I dunna need three yayrds, I need a yayrd an a haf"
    "I'm sorry sir, you don't understand, that plaid comes in three yard lengths,
    why not take a yard and a half, make your kilt, and take the other more...

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