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    10. Called the Smurfs in for a "business meetin'" when they were contemplatin' a comeback. He also brought a few Italian goons t'the meetin' an'... well... let's just say that stain on his tail ain't barbecue sauce. 9. Actually thinks Ash is his mom, an' keeps havin' Oedipal dreams. 8. He's a MOUSE. C'mon, filth, disease, Bubonic Plague anyone? 7. Secret sponsors include "Society of People Who Want to Say' Gesundheit' When Someone Else Mentions A Cultural Phenomenon So That They (The People Who Say' Gesundheit') Can Think They're Hilarious." I'm a card-carryin' member. 6. Has Frosty the Snowman's eyes. Literally. 5. That Vegas strip club. 4. In obscure Koreo-Japanese dialect, "Pikachu" actually means "Barney". 3. Y'know Don King? Guested on South Park an' The Simpsons, managed Mike Tyson an' other popular rapists, an' pays people t'throw fights? He manages Pikachu, an' Team Rocket's on his payroll. 2. Pikachu keeps swipin' Queen Amidala's more...

    Why did the pokmon trainer hide under your bed? So he could pikachu in the night! How do you get a pikachu onto a train? You pokmon! What do you get if you put a parrot into a washing machine? A poliwhirl! Why did all the cutlery stick to the Pokmon trainer? Because he he had a magneton Where does a full grown Snorlax sit? Anywhere it wants to! What do Hitmonlee&Hitmonchan have in common? They're both hitmans! Knock Knock!
    Who's there?
    Squirtle who?
    Not me!
    (Squirtle = Squirt on) Why is the surfing Pikachu all Wrinkly? Its in the Water too long! What's Meowth's favorite snack? Pay Day! How do you get James on the bus? Pok*im*on!! What is Pikachu's favorite food? Pepperoni Pika! What is Pikachu's favorite pie? Pikan pie What Pokmon is most likely to have a brother? Slowbro What is the saddest pokmon? Pikablu What do you get when you cross pikachu with haunter? Pikaboo

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