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    A kindergarten teacher was giving her students a homework assignment. She said, "Students, I know you can do this. If you are going anywhere tonight, then watch how your parents drive in relation to the stoplight. This means, watch how they drive and what they say when the stoplight turns green, when it turns red, and when it turns yellow."
    So the following day, all the little kids came back with smiles on their faces because they knew that they had done their homework.
    The teacher asks, "So did everyone do their homework last night?" Every kid says in unison, "Yes!"
    The teacher continues. "So can anyone tell me what you do when the light turns green?" She looks past the outstretched hand of Little Johnny to pick Little Billy. Billy said, "You say, 'yes, this stupid light finally turned green!', and then stay at the same speed."
    "Very good, Billy," the teacher said. Little Johnny was mad; he wanted to answer a more...

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