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    What is the difference between Northern and Southern racism?
    A southern racist doesn't mind blacks living nearby, as long as they
    don't get "uppity."
    A northern racist doesn't mind blacks getting "uppity" as long as they
    don't live close.

    Stock tip

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    I just received this from my broker. I don't normally pass on stock tips, but thought this explosive situation might prove to be another "Enron".
    Please review any holdings you might have in the following stocks. American Can, Interstate Water, National Gas Co., Northern Tissue Co. Due to uncertain market conditions, we advise you to sit tight on your American Can, hold your Water, and let go of your Gas. You may be interested to know that Northern Tissue touched a new bottom today, and millions were wiped clean!

    8:00 - "Husseinfeld"
    8:30 - "Mad About Everything"
    9:00 - "Suddenly Sanctions"
    9:30 - "The Brian Benben Bin Laden Show"
    10:00 - "Allah McBeal"
    8:00 - "Wheel of Terror and Fortune"
    8:30 - "The Price is Right If Osama Says It's Right"
    9:00 - "Children Are Forbidden From Saying The Darndest Things"
    9:30 - "Afganistan's Wackiest Public Execution Bloopers"
    10:00 - "Buffy The Infidel Slayer"
    8:00 - "U.S. Military Secrets Revealed"
    8:30 - "When The Northern Alliance Attacks"
    9:00 - "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pita Bread"
    9:30 - "Just Shoot Everyone"
    10:00 - "Veilwatch"
    8:00 - "Matima Loves Chachi"
    8:30 - "M*U*S*T*A*S*H"
    9:00 - "Veronica's Closet Full of Long, Black, Shapeless Dresses and more...

    An old bloke in the Northern Territory was showing some tourists how to top up a camel with water."That way," he said, "You get an extra day out of them between drinks."As the camel bent down to drink, the bloke picked up two bricks and bashed them over the camel's balls.The camel sucked in its breath and took on three days' extra water."Doesn't that hurt?" asked a tourist."Nah," replied the bloke. "Only if you get your fingers caught!"

    Question: What's the difference between a northern fairy tale and a southern fairy tale?
    Answer: A northern fairy tale begins with, "Once upon a time... " A southern fairy tale begins with, "Y'all ain't gonna believe this... "

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