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    The Top Ten Nerf Toys!
    10. The Nerf Sling shot for those whose parent's do not approve of any type of weapon. (Don't shoot at point blank range, it may cause longterm damage to target)
    9. The nerf nerve prodder delivers quick shocks to target, three settings nerf, old timer, and die die die.
    8. The nberf raygun is a compact gun with two settings don't hurt nothin (nerf) and blow your bedroom walls to oblivian.
    7. The nerf exploding football is the perfect tool for teaching your children how to catch a football. (Football if dropped delivers a 50 mega ton nuclear explosion to surrounding area and state)
    6. The nerf robotic ping pong opponent is great for the experienced ping pong player, it also teaches advanced techniques. (if the robotic nerf ping pong players opponent misses the ping pong ball during a game, this robot has been known to chuck a large number of balls at his/her head)
    5. the nerf electronic Karate tutor is an excelent addition to any dojo, the more...

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