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    1. Binglish (for Bombay_English).

    2. Bhindi (for Bombay_Hindi)

    3. This list is perpetually incomplete since the evolution of this language can never possibly cease.

    4. Bhindi/Binglish: Pronunciations are in brackets following the words.

    5. Chikna - Stands for any good looking fellow. Chikna actually means smooth.

    6. Keeda - An absolute pest.

    7. Jhakaas - Superb. Excellent.

    8. Haila! - This originated from "Hai Allah! " but I don't think 99% of the users know about this. Haila would translate to "Oh God!"

    9. ChappanTikkli/Punter/Tapori/Shana - Roadside loafer. Tapori is among the most commonly used words in Bhindi.

    10. Bevada / Gutter / Taankee / Batli / JohnnyWalker - A Drunk.

    11. Saand - A boisterous or an exceeding brash guy.

    12. Chotay - For any kid working in a Tapri. If the shop has more than one kid all would have to be more...

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