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    A BIHARI was travelling by train for the first time. He was surprised to see the train running so fast. To gain a better understanding of how this was possible, he turned to his fellow
    passenger who was a Sardarji.

    Bihari:' Ee railgaadi kaise chalat hai?' (How does
    this train run?)

    Sardarji:' Iske neechey badey-badey chakke hain.'
    (Under it there are large wheels.)

    Bihari:' Uske neechey ka hai?' (What is under

    Sardarji:' Uske neechey patri hai.' (The tracks
    are under that.)

    Bihari:' Uske neechey?' (Under that?)

    Sardarji:' Kankar-pathar.' (Stones and pebbles.)

    Bihari:' Uske neechey?' (Under that?)

    Sardarji (getting annoyed):' Dharti hai.' (The

    Bihari:' Uske neechey?' (Under that?)

    Sardarji (getting furious):' Uske neechey Pataal.'
    (The underworld is under that.)

    Bihari:' Uske neechey?' (Under more...

    Sardaar Went For Interview In A Hardware Shop For The Post Of Sales Man.
    The Manager Of The Shop Asked A Question:
    "In A Weighing Balance, On One Pan 10 Kilo Iron Block Is Kept. On The Other Pan 10 Kilo Cotton Is Kept. Kaun Sa Side Neechey Jaayega?"

    Sardaarji Scratched His Head For A Few Minutes............ And Said
    "Iron Waala Side Neechey Jaayega"
    "Kyun" Asked The Manager.
    "Kyunki Loha (Iron) Kaapuz Se Jyada Bhari Hota Hai..........."

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