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Yo momma's glasses are so thick she can see into the future.

Yo mamma so cheap...

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Your Momma is so cheap that when I saw her digging in the trash can, I said,"What are you doing."
Yo Momma said,"Shopping."

Your momma

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Your momma reminds me of a bowling ball, she gets picked up, fingered, throwen down a gutter and comes back for more.

Ugly momma

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Your momma so ugly when she looked out the window she got arrested for mooning

Yo momma is so poor

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yo mama is so poor i lit a ciggarette and she sang "clap your hands, stomp your feet, praise the lord we now got heat."

yo moma so poor i saw her kicking a trash can down the street i said what are you doing and she said moving

yo moma so poor i steped on a cigarette in her house and she said who turned off the lights.

your mama is so poor when you walk in the front door you're walking out the back.

yo momma so poor I stepped on a penny in your front yard and she yelled out
the window, "Get off my life savings!"

Yo momma

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your momma is so ugly she had to trick or treat by the telephone

Yo momma's feet are so crusty, when she walks on a wooden floor, it sounds like she's tap dancing.