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    Extracted from US news papers:
    Sherri Lynn Rossi was hit in the head more than 20 times with a blunt object and left covered in
    blood and in a coma on the side of a road, according to doctors in Pittsburgh in June. When she came
    out of the coma, she identified her attacker as her husband, Richard A. Rossi Jr., pastor of the
    local, independent, charismatic First Love Church. Richard Rossi denied the charge, insisting that
    the hijacker must have been a man who looked like him and had a car like his, and that it was "very
    possible, oh, yes" that his wife's attacker was Satan in human form. In October, Sherri Lynn Rossi
    abruptly withdrew her accusation, and concurred that her attacker might have been a demon in human
    New York city police arrested the city's most notorious traffic scofflaw, Leroy Linen, 41, in
    November. He had inadvertently given them his real name more...

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