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    You might be a Malayali..........
    If you can fit four passengers in the front seat of an Ambassador taxi, while in the back there are eight passengers and two children with their heads stuck out of the window, chances are, you are a Mallu going to attend your cousin's wedding.
    If you can run, ride a 100 cc motorbike without wearing a helmet, and playfootball, all while wearing a lungi tied halfmast, Malayali status!
    If your late father left you a part of an old house as your inheritance, and you turned it into a "chaya kada" yes you're a Malayali.
    If you have more than 5 relatives working in Gulf, Big Time Malayali..
    If you have the words "Chinchu Mol + Jinchu Mol" written on the rear window of your Omni car, Yes, You ARE a Malaayli.
    If you refer to your husband as kettiyon; ithiyan, pillerude appan, guess what? You're a Central Travancore Syrian Christian Malayali.
    If you have a tamilian parked in front of your house every more...

    Q: Where did the Malayali study?
    A: In the ko-liage.
    Q: Why did the Malayali not go to ko-liage today?
    A: He is very bissi.
    Q: Why did the Malayali buy and air-ticket?
    A: To go to Thuubai, zimbly to meet his ungle in the Gelff.
    Q: Why do Malayali's go to the Gelff?
    A: To yearn meney.
    Q: What did the Malayali do when the plane caught fire?
    A: He zimbly jembd out of the vindow.
    Q: Why did the Malayali go to the concert in Rome?
    A: Because he wanted to hear pope music.
    Q: How does a Malayali spell moon?
    A: MOON - Yem Yo yet another Yo and Yem
    Q: What is Malayali management graduate called?
    A: Yem Bee Yae.
    Q: What does a Malayali do when he goes to America?
    A: He changes his name from Karunakaran to Kevin Curren.
    Q: What does a Malayali use to commute to office everyday?
    A: An Oto
    Q: And for cargo?
    A: Loree
    Q: Where does he pray?
    A: Demble
    Q: Who is Bruce Lee's best more...

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