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    One day, Josh went over to Ben's to have a look at the small yacht he was selling. Ben had it on dry land because it had a small gash in its keel. But other then that, what a fine yacht it was....a mahogany deck, the latest in navigational gears, including a state of the art fish-finder. Ben wanted just $5,000 for it and assured Josh he would even have the keel repaired himself.
    Well, Josh needed time to think it over so off he went fishing. He took his small aluminum boat out into the bay and it wasn't 5 minutes later, when he got his first bite. He pulled his line in and found he had caught a nice-sized cod. As he was taking the hook out, the fish spoke to him:
    Fish: "Please release me, let me go. I am the last of my species and if you put me back in the water, I will grant you a wish."
    Josh thought for a second and then said, "I wish this here small boat of mine, was a small yacht just like Ben's."
    The following day, Josh was found clinging to a more...

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